My Pregnancy Journal - Twenty-Six Weeks Pregnant

At the beginning of this week twenty-six, there are 98 days to go until the baby’s due date.

Eeeek, that’s less than 100 days! I’m excited, but also want to slow time down a bit because I know how quickly it’ll pass and I’m enjoying watching my body grow and change. I also know, once the baby is here, time will just fly by. My motto right now is to enjoy each passing day as it comes.

What helps me with this is meditation. Now that I’m stuck at home because of the placenta previa (see my last weeks post), I try to fit meditation into my day every day. Yes, it usually makes me fall asleep, but it also helps to ground me and not let my thoughts run wild.

It keeps me in the moment.

Check out the Expectful app, they have great meditations tailored specifically to pregnancy and baby making.

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Week Twenty-Six

The baby is now the size of a coconut, about 36 cm and 760 g (which is now 1 pound 8 ounces I believe, don’t count on it, I don’t understand imperial). This information has been brought to you by Glow.

At 26 weeks the fetus is the size of a coconut
Yumm! Bounty

Baby Movements – Kicks & Punches

Our baby is moving so much now! At night when I lie down on the couch after my busy day of doing nothing at home, he or she is just bouncing around for a couple of hours. I love the feeling, a gentle reminder that everything is ok.

Babies in the womb have different cycles of waking and sleeping, but it is very common for women to feel more movements when they are resting.

This is most likely because while I’m walking around and doing stuff I’m not as aware of the movements. Also, all that movement is probably rocking my little coconut to sleep, so once I relax, it’s party time.

Babies start to have sleep and wake cycles around this gestation. Try to keep track of when your baby is most active so you can count his or her kicks.

A lot of patients at the hospital ask when to be concerned about lack of movements.

Our rule is that your baby should move six times over two hours. Each provider is different, I’ve also heard four movements in an hour. Ask your health care provider what their rule is.

If you are not feeling the baby move much, try drinking something cold and sweet and then lying down on your side. Every little thing you feel is counted as one movement. So it could be one strong kick, or it could be just a little jab.

As long as your feeling your baby it counts as a movement.

If this trick doesn’t work, head on over to see a doctor or midwife and get checked out.

Development This Week

According to our Glow app, the baby is going to start opening their eyes this week. That is so crazy. They just grow up so quickly. Sniff, sniff.

They will now respond to a loud sound with a blink or even turn towards very strong lights.

It must be weird in there, hearing all the muffled sounds and voices, learning all about their future family without really knowing what’s in store.

Yes, it’s true! This week the baby can hear and respond to voices and sounds on the outside.

I’ve started to tell this little one how much we love him or her. It just makes me so happy to know they can hear us. BabyCenter has a guide to all the fun things that happen each week, so head on over and check it out!

The First Punk Rock Show

This week the baby went to their first punk rock show. Myk was playing with his band, Black Cat Attack. It was an awesome show, the crowd was so into it!

I found a spot near the back as to not get knocked over by the fans. They were having a blast, pushing each other around and dancing. It would have been easy to get a blow to the belly.

The baby loved the music! He or she was moving around the whole time during the show, so I’m sure they heard what was going on. There’s no other choice than for this baby to enjoy some tunes, all of us in the family love music and we love to play as well!

Stuff and Things for Baby

My mother was so gracious to help me find some of my first son’s old baby clothes this week. They are all packed away in a storage room in Iceland, so it was no small feat!

Honestly, we want to spend as little money as possible in the beginning, because we all know that kids can be pricey. So, using some old baby clothes just seemed like the right thing to do.

Used baby clothes are a great way to save money

My mom called me on FaceTime and we were able to sort through all the things. We found a ton of newborn clothes and even my old breast pump. If it still works, that’ll save me a ton of cash.

The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first little bit and so far we’ve set up the crib and change table. We got the crib new from IKEA, but at a very reasonable price. The changing table we bought off the internet, but it looks great and we got it for a steal! I will be getting some more baby furniture and stuff as a loan from friends, so all in all, we are not buying a ton.

A Little Bit About Babywearing

I most definitely will be wearing this baby! I did with my first son, and it just helped so much with fussing and crying. It is one of the best parenting secrets. So far I have two baby carriers, both bought at a discounted price. One was new from Toys R Us and the other one was gently used off the internet, for a mere $10.

I love a good deal!

I plan on writing up a full blog on babywearing, I just think its fabulous and super helpful. Oh, and it’s also backed up by science!

How am I Feeling This Week?

I can’t complain. Yes, I’m tired and usually need a nap once a day. But my body overall feels great. No aches or pains really. I am starting to feel some Braxton Hicks contractions every now and again, mostly in the evening.

Braxton Hicks are kind of like practice contractions starting in the late 2nd to 3rd trimester. Your uterus will tighten in feel hard, but it will only last for a few seconds and is not accompanied by any pain. Your uterus is a huge muscle that contracts, just like any other muscle in your body.

Sometimes it can be caused by dehydration or fatigue. Braxton Hicks do not cause your cervix to dilate and are therefore not real contractions. If you are in any doubt whether or not you are having actual contractions, please contact your health care provider to get checked out.

See you next week. It’s going to be an exciting one because I find out if my placenta moved or not!


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Week Twenty-Six Pregnancy Journal

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