I’m sure you’ve seen Hollywood movies that show women’s water breaking before labor and the ensuing chaos that happens after. Often times they’ll show distressed partners rushing to the hospital and the woman panting like the baby is about to fall out! However, the truth is, it’s quite rare for this to happen. When it ….

Get Through the Postpartum Period Like a Boss! I know lots of you are wondering what the postpartum period will be like once you’ve had your baby, so I decided to write this blog about it to take some of the mystery away! Postpartum is a wild and weird world and it’s important to be ….

My first baby was born via c-section and I remember thinking right after he was born how much I wanted to have a VBAC with my next baby! If you are dying for a vaginal birth after your c-section (VBAC) read on! Remember to talk to your provider about any of these recommendations, as some ….

Hey mamas! I’d like to tell you guys about a spectacular breastfeeding cup that I just got my hands on. It’s called kindestCup and it’s really great. Keep reading if you want to learn how to hand express your milk and increase your supply! Also, learn how to pump on the go with this very ….

Are you having an induction of labour? Read on to get some amazing tips for your induction! As a labour and delivery nurse, I’ve seen tons of inductions of labour in my time. Although it’s not ideal to have an induction, it is sometimes necessary. These 5 induction tips are GOLD for you if you ….