Athena’s Birth Story – A Scheduled Induction

  Baby Time! It seems like just yesterday, rather than 6 months ago, my husband and I were driving to the hospital on a rainy Friday nervous and

Emergency C-Section – With Love From P

This is a great story I got from P. It’s another perspective on what might possibly happen during your labour and delivery. She also wrote out a few

Helena’s Birth Story – Getting Into Active Labour

I still have a couple of birth stories to share, with my input as a labour and delivery nurse. Even though I wasn’t present for the birth, I’m

Stacey’s Birth Story – When Birth Doesn’t Go as Planned

Stacey’s Birth Story It’s very common for women to have a certain idea about what is going to happen during their labour and delivery. Some even write out

Haley’s Birth Story – A Very Long Labour

Birth Stories with Babytalk Welcome to this brand new segment of the blog! My plan is to post women’s birth stories and then add in labour and birth