Are you feeling lost preparing for childbirth?

Birth Prep with Babytalk

Learn about ALL your childbirth options, including insider tips, during a one-on-one call with an experienced labour and delivery nurse

Get ready for the biggest day of your life! 

Are you feeling totally unprepared for the birth of your beautiful baby?

One great way to get ready is to write a birth plan! 

A birth plan is a great way to communicate with your health care team what you'd like to happen when giving birth to your precious baby. 

It's also the BEST way to be prepared for the unpredictability of childbirth!

But where do you start?

Are you staring at a blank page not really sure what to write? 

That's where Babytalk can help!

When you book a session, you'll get a one-on-one with seasoned labour and delivery nurse Hanna, who has 10 years of experience helping families during labour and birth in various settings, from high-risk hospitals to rural settings.

Hanna is the ideal person to teach you everything about birth, including giving you all the insider tips. She'll then guide you through writing a birth plan that will help make the experience one you truly crave.

Being prepared and involved in your care is essential to having a fulfilling and rewarding birth experience. 

The power of a birth plan isn't the actual plan.

It's the process of becoming educated about your options.

And building confidence to have an empowered birth!

What You Get When You Book a Call with Hanna

  • One-on-one call with experienced labour nurse Hanna, where all the options for your birth are explored and your questions answered. Learn everything Hanna knows about birth. 
  • Follow-up chat with Hanna. Message her as much as you need via WhatsApp or Telegram (your choice) so you feel absoloutely confident about your plan.
  • Your Birth Planning with Babytalk Workbook. This will help you develop your final birth plan. 
  • After the call, Hanna will send you the written plan via email. 
  • Bonus material to help you have a CALM & CONFIDENT birth

This is an opportunity for you to learn from a labour and delivery nurse who has 10 years of experience supporting families before, during, and after the birth of their babies.

Schedule a one-on-one call with Hanna and she will teach you everything she knows about birthing in the hospital!

Explore your options

Learn about all stages of labour, your options around comfort measures and pain management, medical interventions including c-birth, and mandatory and optional newborn procedures that will be offered to you immediately after your newborn arrives

Create the optimal birth environment

Get insider tips and discover potentially unknown options about what to request to  improve your birthing environment within a hospital setting.

Write a unique birth plan

Generate a prioritized list of your preferences completely tailored to your wishes using the Birth Planning with Babytalk Workbook. No two birth plans will be the same.

Increase your confidence

Hanna can highlight questions to ask your healthcare provider and guide you on effectively communicating with your team.

Here’s what people are saying about Birth Prep with Babytalk

I feel confident going in!

This comprehensive outline of choices to go through in preparing for labor and delivery is well thought out. Several things I had never heard of or considered. I love that I was able to take my birth plan weeks before delivery to my own doctor and go through it and ask questions about procedures and how the hospital runs. I feel confident going in that I have a list of do’s and don’ts to make the most of unpredictable labor and delivery. Thank you so much Hanna

We feel a lot more prepared to advocate for ourselves

Hanna was super friendly and approachable during our session. She spent the time to offer suggestions based on her experience as a nurse and explained options we weren’t sure about. Overall, we found this prep session super helpful and made us feel more prepared for the birth of our first child. We feel a lot more prepared to advocate for ourselves and what we want for our birthing experience. We recommend this prep course to any expectant mothers, especially first time mamas.

I learned so much from my session!

I highly recommend having a birth plan session with Hanna. As a first time mom, I was very overwhelmed with creating a birth plan and it was something I avoided. Hanna informed me of all my options, explained each of them thoroughly, and let me drive the decisions. I never felt that she was pressuring me to choose a certain option. Hanna thoroughly explains why some women choose certain options, and why they may not choose others. She uses her experience from working in hospitals to relate with me and give me credible information. Hanna was easy to talk to and very responsive. She typed up my birth plan promptly after my session and sent it to me right away. I learned so much from my session and it made me eager to discuss my birth plan with my midwife/doctor. Thank you so much Hanna! I appreciate it more than you'll know!

Who is  Hanna ?

Hanna is a labour and delivery nurse and founder of Babytalk with 10 years of experience helping thousands of women and families during childbirth and postpartum. She has worked in both high and low-risk settings and has a wealth of knowledge in various practices and procedures. 

Hanna is passionate about empowering birthing women and believes that knowledge and information is the key component of empowerment. If you know what to expect during labour and birth, you are more likely to have the confidence to make choices that are right for you!

THE hospital can be a scary place, let me ease your fears

During your time with Hanna, you will learn about what options you have in the hospital. It'll open your mind to what can happen during your hospital birth, and give you information that you never even thought of.

When you understand what exactly happens during birth, it'll give you more confidence to ask for what you want as you'll understand the reasons behind various interventions and options available to you.

Hanna wants you to have an empowered and beautiful birth. She is passionate about helping as many women and families as possible achieve their most optimal birth experience.

Birth Planning with Babytalk session is like a one-on-one birthing course. The session not only includes all the information you need to understand what will happen during your hospital birth but in addition to that, you will have your birth plan written out and ready to go! 

A one-on-one call with your own personal labour and delivery nurse. You'd think that this would set you back lots and lots of money, but it doesn't! 

Planning for and writing out your birth plan is like a crash course in birth! And you'll learn it all from a seasoned labour and delivery nurse who lives and breathes BIRTH.