Birth Planning with Babytalk

It was so helpful and empowering to work with Hanna. She gave me the right input and asked the perfect questions to get very clear what I would love for my birth experience. Her knowledge and compassion made it easy to open up and feel comfortable.

Thanks, Hanna for your knowledge and effort. I have been following you on Instagram and your posts and context are so empowering and I am very grateful for your work. Everyone should have access to you- to understand how much power you can have during labour. You took away a lot of anxiety and left me with so much excitement and strength. Thanks for all you do


Birth Planning with Babytalk

The template provided was such a comprehensive list including each part of labour and delivery. There were several items I had not even considered or heard about.

This comprehensive outline of choices to go through in preparing for labour and delivery is well thought out. Several things I had never heard of or considered. I love that I was able to take my birth plan weeks before delivery to my own doctor and go through it and ask questions about procedures and how the hospital runs. I feel confident going in that I have a list of do’s and don’ts to make the most of unpredictable labour and delivery. Thank you so much, Hanna

Session participant

Birth Planning with Babytalk

I highly recommend having a birth plan session with Hanna. As a first-time mom, I was very overwhelmed with creating a birth plan and it was something I avoided.

Hanna informed me of all my options, explained each of them thoroughly, and let me drive the decisions. I never felt that she was pressuring me to choose a certain option. Hanna thoroughly explains why some women choose certain options, and why they may not choose others.

She uses her experience from working in hospitals to relate with me and give me credible information. Hanna was easy to talk to and very responsive.

She typed up my birth plan promptly after my session and sent it to me right away. I learned so much from my session and it made me eager to discuss my birth plan with my midwife/doctor.

Thank you so much, Hanna! I appreciate it more than you'll know!


Birth Planning with Babytalk

Getting to know you and to learn about the options that you have and that you can ask and be active in labour instead of following instructions and accepting what doctors and nurses say (it's not always the best decision for you or it could be better).

Thanks! I have now more tools and ideas about what to expect and what to ask here. It's really helpful to be informed and to get in your head and try to see which options you think suit better.


Birth Planning with Babytalk

Hanna was super friendly and approachable during our session. She spent the time to offer suggestions based on her experience as a nurse and explained options we weren’t sure about. Overall, we found this prep session super helpful and made us feel more prepared for the birth of our first child. We feel a lot more prepared to advocate for ourselves and what we want for our birthing experience. We recommend this prep course to any expectant mothers, especially first-time mamas.

Session participant

Birth Planning with Babytalk

As a first-time mum, I found my Birth Plan Prep session with Hanna to be the perfect combination of informative, professional and easy to understand, thanks to her organization.

After booking my session, I received a list of things to contemplate and reflect on, and during my session, I was able to ask questions and discuss things in detail.

Hanna is one of those sought-after maternity professionals who has a balanced and comprehensive understanding of all things birth. My labour and delivery is planned with midwives in a home birth setting. Hanna's knowledge about delivery and birth gave me even more confidence that I can successfully deliver at home with my midwife. In addition to that I also now feel more informed and therefore safe, about being transferred to the hospital should it need to happen for medical reasons - it seems WAY less scary now I know what my options can be in that scenario.

Knowing what may be presented, what I can accept or decline and the consequences, helps me know that if that scenario arises, I can still lead my own birth, feeling informed, prepared and empowered.