I’ve been dying to share all the baby essentials I use since our little one arrived!

We are minimalists at heart, but there are a few baby essentials that you absolutely need when you are having a baby. I’m not including the typical things you need like clothes, diapers, a changing table, bed, bathtub, toys etc. those are a given! You can find tons of lists online with every single item you need.

This list represents what WE have really loved, I’m totally not bashing you for getting other things or not using what we use. I just wanted to share! Please tell me what else you have on your list of must-haves in the comments below.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. In this day and age, the internet is our “village” so what better platform than Babytalk to share what has worked really well in hopes of helping you guys out!

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Baby Essential Number One – a Convertible Carseat

We decided to get a convertible car seat that will grow with our child. To be brutally honest, I’m not a fan of those bucket seats that you carry around and I much prefer to take our son out of his car seat when we are not in the car.

We went with the Graco 4Ever because it converts all the way to a booster seat!

Again, this baby essential is our preference! Nothing against whatever you and your family decide.

I also liked the fact that we just need to get one car seat for him that will last until he doesn’t need one anymore! We couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Baby Wearing. What’s the Best Carrier?

I’m a huge fan of babywearing. I think it’s very beneficial for your child and it’s also proven by science!

I got a great carrier for my baby. It’s called the Baby K’tan. It’s nice and soft, not structured, and very easy to use.

The Baby K’tan is great around the house when you need to get stuff done and your baby is fussing, but I’ve used it everywhere. Even at the grocery store! I was actually able to breastfeed him in it while shopping! Amazing 🙂

I have a moby wrap as well, but I find it to be bulky to carry around and harder to wrap properly. It’s great as well, it just takes a while to learn how to use it well.

If you are going to babywear, you have to play around with it until you and your baby are comfortable. Some people claim their baby didn’t like babywearing, but I’m a firm believer that they just need to get used to it like anything else!

For once my son is a bit older I have an Ergo carrier. It’ll be great for carrying him on my back! I really rely on carriers since I don’t like taking the stroller everywhere, and I don’t carry him around in a car seat. And like I said, babies love to be close to their parents and this is a perfect way to keep them close.

The BEST thing about babywearing is that it’s hands-free! Actually, the Baby K’tan has a little pocket at the front where I can keep my wallet, keys, and phone! It’s perfect 🙂

MyRoo Tube, is a Skin-to-Skin Baby Essential!

Skin-to-skin is such an amazing thing. It’s so important to do it as much as you can in the beginning. MyRoo Tube is an essential baby product to help you with this.

It’ll help you do skin-to-skin, but you’ll be hands-free! So in the hospital when you need to text all your relatives, you’ll be able to continue doing skin-to-skin without having to worry about your baby. It’s great.


What is this baby essential you ask? It’s basically a very stretchy and soft tube top. You wear it like a tube top and put your baby inside. It’s NOT a carrier, but it keeps baby nice and snug in there. You can easily breastfeed and it keeps your baby comfy and happy.

You just have to try it, it’s great. Put it on your baby registry list for sure!

Learn more about the benefits of skin-to-skin right here: Skin-to-Skin: The One Place Your Baby Wants to be After Birth

Stroller – Pram Combo

I really wanted a stroller that would also double as a bassinette and didn’t want two different types of attachments for the stroller, so the Diono Quantum was perfect! I frequently go for walks with my boy and it’s awesome that I can basically turn it into a bed when he falls asleep without having to transfer him to a different attachment.

It’s much better for them ergonomically to be able to lie down when they are sleeping, plus I find he rests better than sleeping in an upright position.

I love, love, love this stroller and couldn’t recommend it more!

The Bumbo Chair is So Versatile

As soon as our son was able to hold his head up properly we started using the Bumbo chair. It’s great for them to be able to look around and be a part of the family.

 I’ve used it in the kitchen, on the deck, in the bathroom, while I’m in the shower. It’s very versatile and my son loves it!

The best is when I’m working out, my boy just hangs out and watches me, it’s super cool!

Meditation App for Self-Care

This baby essential recommendation is a bit different. I think meditation is soooo important in any season of your life, but especially during your transition to motherhood.

You need to give yourself some time for self-care. Taking care of a little human is HARD. Regardless of whether you have a “good baby” or not, another human relies on you DAY AND NIGHT. Meditation will help you cope with all the emotions that come up during this trying time.

Read all about my favorite meditation app right here: Expectful. Meditation for Fertility, Pregnancy and Motherhood


So that’s it! These are the baby essentials that we use all the time and really love. Is there anything else you’d add to this list? Comment below and let’s chat!

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