Mamatalk Postpartum Support

Postpartum text support during the most exhilarating, emotional and trying time of your life

Text a postpartum RN and friend

All you need is the Telegram app and we'll be able to chat!

You'll get the personalized support you need to thrive during the postpartum period. 

Let me support your journey toward health and happiness with your new baby!

Text me whenever 

Ask me all the questions, or just text me if you want to chat. Postpartum can be very overwhelming and it's great to know there's someone out there that has your back.

Help is waiting

You'll have the ability to text me via Telegram for 6 weeks as needed to support your postpartum journey, such as:

- Help with breastfeeding issues.

- Information about formula feeding.

Education on pumping.

- Newborn sleep issues.

- Your recovery from childbirth.

- Discuss anything that comes to mind.

- Unique issues tailored to your care.

Group of friends

You'll also get access to a unique Facebook group with other likeminded mamas looking for their village.

About me

Hi. I’m Hanna, a postpartum, labour and delivery nurse and mama of four.

Having a baby can be extremely overwhelming. I know since I've done it 4 times and helped thousands of mamas do the same!

My mission is to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this transformative time in your life.




  • Postpartum text support
  • Support from an RN and mama
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group
  • Find your village