Edith Grosman passed away Friday July 31, 2020.

Just as she lived her life, her passing was on her own terms, how she wished, surrounded by her loving family in her own home.

She was a fiercely independent woman, always spoke her mind and what she said, she said with vigour.

One of her many gifts to the world was her passion for speaking about the horrors she experienced during the Holocaust and ensuring that younger generations hear first hand about the atrocities committed against the Jewish people during World War II.

Edith always said that despite her life’s hardships she managed to make her own paradise: Her loving and committed relationship to her husband Ladislav Grosman, her son George Grosman, granddaughters Hanna Liba Murray and Naomi Lea Grosman, and two great-grandsons Elias Andrason and Atlas William Murray.

Edith was a symbol of strength and courage and an inspiration to all those who met her — and she will be sorely missed.


Watch the funeral from August 4th on Babi’s Facebook page, right here.

Babi lived a full life and leaves behind a legacy!